ADL to Texas Supreme Court: Religious Run-Through Banners at Kountze ISD Football Games Are Unconstitutional

Houston TX, July 23, 2015 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today joined an amicus (friend- of-the-court) brief to the Texas Supreme Court Case which asserts that displays of large run-through banners bearing biblical verses and religious symbols at Kountze ISD high-school football games are unconstitutional. Jodi Bernstein, Senior Associate Regional Director, issued the following statement:…
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ADL Welcomes Galveston Council Member’s Admission That Hitler Video Should Not Have Been Shown at Public Meeting

Houston, TX, January 30, 2015—The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) welcomes Galveston City Council Member Norman Pappous’ admission that a video depicting city officials as Hitler and Nazis should never have been shown at a public meeting. After ADL issued a public statement calling the council member’s video insensitive and inappropriate, and spoke to Pappous about it,…
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In the aftermath of the Charleston shooting by a suspect seemingly influenced and radicalized by online hate propaganda, ADL issued a comprehensive report looking at the state of white supremacy in the United States in 2015….
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Andrea Starkschall: My ADL Story

When I was a first grader, growing up in the Houston suburbs, another child told me that I was going to go to hell because I was Jewish.  Heartbroken, I confided in a friend and she immediately stood up for me, telling the teacher of this incident.  I had a friend; I was not alone….
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Voices in Harmony: Houston in Concert Against Hate

Voices in Harmony: Houston in Concert Against Hate honors the extraordinary voices of Heroes who have courageously stood up against hate, discrimination and extremism. Their stories will be interwoven with contemporary and moving musical performances by the Houston Grand Opera. …
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